Welcome to limavolunteer.com

We welcome you warmly to our website.

Limavolunteer is a non-commercial project which intends to establish contact between young, courageous and open-minded people who want to volunteer in social projects close to Lima, learn Spanish, and integrate themselves into Peruvian everyday life on the one hand, and social organizations in need of a helping hand and willing to host volunteers on the other hand.

The idea of the project was born in 2009 while volunteering ourselves in Lurin, Lima. Most volunteer programs we discovered online are rather expensive and for us did not reflect
true living and traveling costs in South America.

While many young professionals want to volunteer, we learned that often the costs to do so are too high.
At the same time, the district and especially the various projects in the region were in need of qualified and motivated people to help out but could not get into contact with them.

Limavolunteer intends to fill this gap.